All professional development modules and supporting resources for Health Gateway Schools’ teachers will be hosted on this page.

Healthcare is Everywhere Interactive Tool – Supporting Resources

Healthcare is Everywhere, an interactive learning tool developed by CheckUP as part of the Health Gateway to Industry Schools Project. The aim of the tool is to provide an interactive learning experience for school students and parents to learn about the healthcare system and the variety of jobs available within the health industry.

The tool includes both a metropolitan/city view and a rural/remote community view to demonstrate that access to and health service provision can look quite different depending on where you live.

Users explore the hypothetical city and rural community by zooming in and scrolling around both settings to discover a range of health services and the career opportunities available. Users select a health service building which then opens a series of rooms e.g. reception, administration, clinic, consult room. Each room contains an overview of what activities might occur in that setting as well as a range of potential career opportunities with links to further information.

The supporting resources below have been developed to assist high school Teacher’s to promote and utilise the Healthcare is Everywhere tool as part of student learning.

Access the Healthcare is Everywhere Tool here

Healthcare is Everywhere – Teacher Guide

A Teacher guide has been developed to assist high school teachers to utilise the Healthcare is Everywhere tool as part of student learning to raise awareness and understanding of the healthcare sector and the range of career opportunities in the health industry.

Download the Teacher Guide here

Healthcare is Everywhere – Student Worksheet

A student worksheet has been developed which can be completed as an individual activity, in pairs or even in groups.

Download the Student Worksheet here

Healthcare is Everywhere – Teacher PowerPoint Presentation

CheckUP have developed a short PowerPoint presentation which Teacher’s may wish to use as part of a student learning activity. This presentation includes facilitator notes to assist with delivery.

Download the Teacher PowerPoint Presentation here

Healthcare is Everywhere – A5 Promotional Flyer

CheckUP have developed a promotional flyer which Teacher’s may wish to print and disseminate to students to promote the Healthcare is Everywhere tool.

Download the A5 promotional flyer here

Healthcare is Everywhere – Promotional Tile

CheckUP have developed a promotional tile which Teacher’s may wish to use to promote the Healthcare is Everywhere tool through electronic mediums. The tile can be linked directly to the tool via www.gateway2health.com.au/animation/

Download the promotional tile here

Healthcare is Everywhere – Email Banner

CheckUP have developed an email and web banner which Teacher’s may wish to use to promote the Healthcare is Everywhere tool. The banner can be linked directly to the tool via www.gateway2health.com.au/animation/

Download the email and web banner here

Healthcare is Everywhere – QR Code

CheckUP have developed a QR code that Teacher’s may wish to use to promote the Healthcare is Everywhere tool and create ease of access for students. Students can scan the QR code to access the tool on any smartphone or handheld device.

Download the QR code image here

Professional Development Videos 2021

The following Teacher Professional Development were filmed by CheckUP in collaboration with our partners and supporters. This series is of value to all VET and teaching staff in Health Gateway schools seeking further information and insights on current trends in training and recruitment opportunities in health.

IUIH - Health Pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students

BlueStone Medical - Vocational (VET) Pathways in Health

Student Experience Grants

Health Gateway Schools are eligible for funding to support the development of activities, events and resources that contribute to the students’ ongoing training and education in Health.  Funding is capped at $2,500 per school per calendar year.

Before you apply –

– Complete this one-time registration for your school to access the portal.
– Read the Grant Guidelines to understand the eligibility criteria for funding.

and then,

Apply for a Student Experience Grant

Gateway schools are also eligible to use $500 of their Student Experience Grants allocation towards purchasing health consumables for student training. Download the below form to detail your order and forward to kim@medicaldentalsolutions.com.au

Medical Consumables Purchase Form

Promotional Resource Kit for Health Gateway Schools

Resources with the Health Gateway branding are available for schools that choose to use them. The kit includes the following

  • Postcard Template
  • Web Tiles
  • Schools Pull-up Banner
  • Schools E-mail Banner
  • Gateway to Industry Schools Project word mark (.png files).

Download the Promotional Resource Kit

Potential Industry Partners

Schools often find it challenging to engage with potential local industry. To assist with this task CheckUP have undertaken a mapping exercise to seek out each of our participating schools potential local industry partners. Schools are encouraged to reach out to their local industry to form strong partnerships and fostering ongoing relationships. Schools might also wish to pass the information on to their students to seek their own potential traineeships, apprenticeships or work experience.

Below you will find links to a list of local health providers for each Gateway school. Please note that these spreadsheets will be uploaded from time to time so please check regularly for any new partnerships or providers.

Download spreadsheets here >