Become a Health Gateway Industry Partner

Industry engagement is essential for students to obtain an understanding of the many career pathways available to them and to maintain current knowledge of developments within the sector, enabling them to make informed career decisions.

Participation by health educators and clinicians in informing, engaging and involving students in this process is critical, with benefits for both individual practitioners as well as larger organisations providing health and allied services.

As an Industry Partner to the Health Gateway project, your organisation will have the opportunity to interact with and provide tailored training to a reliable and sustainable future workforce. There are opportunities to expand upon existing programs or work with CheckUP to develop new initiatives based on your organisation’s workforce needs and capacity.

Success stories from your organisation can also be shared on the Grow Your Own Workforce (GYO) website, another resource managed by CheckUP, which promotes the development and maintenance of a locally grown workforce.

Providers interested in engaging as Industry Partners are encouraged to view the Partner Benefits Statement, which outlines the opportunities offered to organisations supporting the project.

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