About Gateway to Industry Schools Program

The Gateway project builds partnerships between schools and the health industry to enable young people to acquire the knowledge, skills and attributes needed to contribute effectively to the future health workforce in Queensland.

The Gateway project also provides opportunities for the health industry and the education sector to work together to deliver outcomes for students, local communities and health services. To find out more about the Gateway project, download the Gateway Information Sheet.

The project incorporates five key areas of focus –

  1. Partnerships – to facilitate cross-sectoral engagement between Health Gateway schools and Industry Partners to promote opportunities for students.
  2. Pathways – to identify pathways for Health Gateway school students looking to transition from high school to further education and employment.
  3. Participation – to foster student and staff interest and engagement.
  4. Promotion – to regularly communicate and promote the progress, opportunities for engagement and key outcomes of the project.
  5. Professional Development – to build capacity of teaching staff to draw relevance and industry currency in everyday teaching.

The Gateway team is currently working to identify and support existing career planning initiatives taking place in schools and to develop new projects under the Gateway banner in collaboration with our industry partners.